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atkins diet fat loss immunity metabolic reboot nutritional supplements May 15, 2024

Mary and Catherine were sitting outside Dunkin on Yamato Road in West Boca, finishing up the final donut crumbs, sipping their coffees, and watching people walk through the door of the place next door. 

The sign said Infinite Impact.

"What is that place?" Mary wondered.

"I think it's some kind of gym.  I just saw a guy with big muscles walk in."

Catherine wasn't quite sure.  She thought  she had seen someone go in there a few minutes earlier walking with the assistance of a walker, and as they tried to figure things out, two young women walked in with big smiles on their faces.

The two donut-eaters wiped their  hands with Dunkin napkins and headed to their cars.  Out of sight, out of mind.

Curious?  Yes.   Bold enough to venture outside of their comfort zones?

Not this day.  Maybe someday soon Mary would learn "the place next door" could heal her arthritic knee and help her friend Catherine reverse her diabetes.  Today wasn't the  day.

Lots of people sit outside Dunkin and wonder.  A daring few peek through the window and a rare adventurer actually walks through the door and asks, "what is this place?"

I knew, when Dr. Comella and I conceptualized Infinite Impact we'd create a buzz, some curiosity, but most of all, life changes.  Not everyone committed to morning donuts is ready to enter, but sooner or later they'll realize, they want us, they  need us, and they'll love us!



I’m going to share Three Things.


In the body of this Blog Article I'll share three things that have life-changing power, power to impact your health, immunity, metabolism, and power.

These are not the ONLY three things we can offer.  In fact, if I were to allow the entirety of what we do for people to unfold, you're likely to wind up in a headspin.

To begin to help you understand what we are, and provide a glimpse of what we might do for you, I'll begin with a statement.


Infinite Impact is a medical center.


Some of you who have already experienced our medical offerings are responding as if I said “cars have tires.”

You know that.

I stated the obvious.

While those  who already know us as a medical center wonder why I’d waste their time telling them what they already know, others reading this now are a bit taken back, even if they've stopped in for an Experience or peeked through the window.




“IMPACT is a fitness center!  I saw superfit people using futuristic equipment and they were sweating and smiling at the same time!”

“IMPACT is a biohacking center!  It's where poeple go to experience Cryotherapy, and Hyperbaric Oxygen, and they sit in these chairs that pulse magnetic energy through their bodies to heal every compromise, alleviate every pain, and prompt the production of new healthy cells.”

"It's a Red Light Body Contouring place."

Of course, while anyone who has visited will form their own perception based on individual experience, everyone who’s ever visited can agree with the following . . .

“It’s super cool, whatever it is.”


We are, in fact, a medical center, albeit a very different one when held up against the conventions of the field. 

We have a medical team, an extraordinary Functional Medicine MD, we do exams, procedures, IVs, lab tests, regenerative processes, and stem cell therapies. 

We write prescriptions when appropriate and we assess health from an “all systems” paradigm incorporating the interactivity of the Brain, Immune System, Gut, and Cell. 

We “treat” inflammation and the identified source(s) of symptoms coaxing each human body to call upon its innate healing power.

And, in addition, we have remarkably effective fitness, lifestyle, and biohacking strategies all aimed at Human Betterment.

Why am I sharing what some of you already know?


Because EVERYONE needs to know.


Many of our clients join us after being disappointed, misinformed, or underinformed by their doctors. 

Many are casualties of misdiagnoses, incomplete diagnoses, or what feels like neglect from their “insurance-based” medical practitioners.


Our focus is on healing, restoration, and power. 


We look far beyond the idea of a medication being a panacea, asking the question, how we can restore this and each individual to his or her divine potential.

We offer a complete menu of medical services including annual memberships that include what many have come to recognize as a “concierge” or VIP model.  Our medical team gets to know each patient.  They listen, they explore, and they provide support and guidance.


Isn’t that what every medical center should do?


Of course!  It just isn’t possible when you operate in today’s flawed health care system.



A Center for Human Betterment in Boca Raton



We have learned to operate differently. 


We are truly the ideal model of Integrative Medicine.

Whether you’re going to best benefit from a nutritional plan, a Metabolic Reboot, some Red Light Therapy, or a round of PEMF healing, we’re here and ready to move you forward.

Now, as I promised at the onset, I’m going to share THREE THINGS you should be aware of, three services / offerings that you’ll never find in any other medical center, three offerings of extreme value:

  1. Drugs and Supplement Review
  2. Immunity Assessment and Boost
  3. The 7-Day Metabolic Reboot $800 $199

I’ll outline / summarize each below.


1.    Drugs and Supplement Review


This is a much-needed service I haven’t seen offered anywhere but here.  When you look at the alarming statistics, you’ll find that millions of hospital admissions are the result of drug interactions every year, and over 100,000 deaths are reported annually.  Every one of these could have been prevented.


Because so many people acquire a plethora of drug prescriptions from a variety of physicians, the likelihood of taking drugs that may adversely interact is ever-growing.  In addition, because supplements sold via Amazon or Over the Counter can potentially negate the effects or interact negatively with drugs, a need for a Medical Doctor well versed in meds and supplements is a safety measure  for anyone taking more than 3 medications or a combo of drugs and supplements.

We offer a full review and assessment of your conditions, prescriptions, and supplements to ensure you’re aimed at better health, not simply swallowing compounds that may disrupt systemic health.




2.    Immunity Assessment and Boost

In 2020 this monster called COVID barreled through our society and disrupted life as we knew it.  Today, 4 years later, I see people in the gym still wearing masks, wearing  gloves, and  wiping down machines before using them.  This demonstrates the fear factor COVID imposed, and the buzz word became “immunity.”

Dr. Comella, Dr. Blyweiss, and I have been helping people boost immunity for decades, but the concept of vulnerability wasn’t aligned with public awareness.  Until the COVID fear.

We’re now well on the other side.  We now better understand the COVID virus, and most of us have formed our opinions about vaccines and boosters.  This isn’t an open door for debate.  It is, rather, an invitation to examine your immunity, develop an actual awareness based on clear biomarkers, and “feed” your immune system with some powerful antioxidants delivered via IV.

With a simple blood draw we can obtain key biomarkers assessing how robust your immune system is, how protected you are against pathogens that may overwhelm individuals with immune vulnerabilities. 

In addition to standard metabolic markers, we’ll look at white blood cell differential, Vitamin C levels, Vitamin D levels, Zinc and folate levels, C-Reactive  Protein, Iron, and  Iron-Binding Proteins which are regulators of immune  cell function.  While immunity is a massive concern, I’ve yet to see standard labs or primary care practices off these insightful tests.  As I told you at the onset, we are not “conventional.”  We are in your corner to empower you with strength, knowledge, and health.

The full immunity panel is $325, will include a lab review, and to give you an immune kick we’ll throw in some IV Glutathione, Vitamin C, and B12.



3.    The 7-Day Metabolic Reboot

The Metabolic Reboot program is far-and-away the most powerful real-world multi-faceted physical transformation program in existence.  With well over 12,000 people finding new bodies, reversing chronic disease, and eliminating stubborn weight loss resistance, it’s proven, it’s science-based, and it’s effective for people from all walks of life.

The Platinum Reboot Program is a comprehensive 8-week program incorporating a fully integrated package of “elements of restoration.”  It includes biochemical assays to examine metabolic factors, a medical intake, a full intake with a Health and Optimization Coach, Personal Training Sessions, a detailed thorough and complete nutritional program, mindset exercises, and so much more.

The 8-week program requires a commitment, an investment of time, money, and energy, but the payoff is immense and the  value is extreme.

To invite people to “test the waters,” to actually go through the program for a full week, I’m offering the  7-Day Metabolic Reboot, an $800 value, for only $199, and the  first step is a FREE no-pressure  consultation.


Schedule Your FREE Consultation



We offer programs, opportunities, memberships, and offerings aimed at your personal power to regenerate, restore, and improve.

Whether you're struggling with chronic issues, injuries, pain, or compromisie, whether you seek performance enhancement or fat loss, we've got your best interests in mind.

If any of the three options align with your  present wants and needs, contact me and let's figure out the  best course of action.  Use the  links above or any of the  options below to reach out.  I look forward to playing at least a small role in your future betterment.

Phil Kaplan
[email protected]
Private Office Line: 561 879-4602
Text 954 294-8434


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