"Oh, Oh, Oprah - Ozempic" atkins diet fat loss glp glp1 glucagon healthy weight loss mounjaro oprah ozempic semaglutide wegovy weight loss drugs

by Phil Kaplan

Last week I told you about our breakthrough Affordable 14-Day Metabolic Fat Loss Program, IMPACT14, and in the same week word got out. 

Oprah’s on Ozempic.

One of those two options (IMPACT14, Ozempic) will help people restore health and metabolic excellence, the other...

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It's Not "The Thing," it's Synergy! atkins diet diabetes exercise fat loss fat reduction fitness program healthy weight loss hyperbaric hypothyroid lyme disease red light

by Phil Kaplan


For years I started my seminars with two words.

Nothing works.

It’s true.

If the goal involves improvement in health, metabolism, function, or performance, nothing works . . . in and of itself.

The key to achieving betterment through exercise and lifestyle is...

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The Athlete and Dieter Who Make Me Cry atkins diet diet fat loss hcg diet healing injury joint pain lose weight medical weight loss semaglutide stem cell zone diet

Are You a Brick Wall Archetype?

By Phil Kaplan

I’m about to describe two “Archetypes,” two identifiable types of people who share common traits, and I invite you to  consider whether you may be one of them, or for most of you, think of the people in your  life who need...

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