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The Metabolic Reboot

The only program of its kind.  A truly groundbreaking approach to reversing chronic disease, restoring metabolic excellence, and making weight loss resistance a thing of the past.  No dieting, no excessive exercise, just a thrilling outcome!

Reboot Details

Regenerative Medicine

From pain alleviation to injury recover, our stellar medical staff has the highest level of expertise in sound interventions up to stem cell infusion.  With a myriad of proven medical techniques, we rebuild, repair, and regenerate by tapping into your own innate healing power.

Medical Options


"Hacking" your way to physical excellence is simple with our health & performance inducing modalities for betterment.  Hyperbaric Oxygen, Acoustic Sound Wave Healing, and Varied Full Spectrum Red Light Therapies are only a few of our options.

Science & Biohacks

IMPACT14 Remarkable Fat Loss Program

An abbreviated version of the 8-week Metabolic Reboot, this 14-Day Program incorporates the key principles of The Reboot Science and delivers stunning outcomes in 14 Days!

25 Reasons IMPACT14 "Works"

Try a Red Light Body Contouring Session

Come in and experience the Power of Red Light

Book a single session for FREE (first time visitors only) or for only $79 we'll throw in two other remarkable therapies for a mind-blowing life-altering experience!

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Read Consumer Warning About Red Light for Weight Loss

The World Changed Summer '23

Never before have the intricacies of science, medicine, healing, and fitness been brought together in a single facility committed to helping people like you find their absolute best.  Watch a brief video overview including footage from our Summer 2023 Grand Opening in Boca Raton.


3 minutes in a cold chamber has such profound benefit it may be the greatest health optimization tool in existence.  Reverse inflammation, restore recovery, improve circulation, improve mood disorders, reduce pain, reduce anxiety.  In 3 minutes!

Try Cryo

Physical Betterment

Our cutting edge equipment combines with functional training basics and a full array of weight and tools to transform any human body.  Our Oxefit Training System uses AI to track, streamline, and zero in on ideal movement patterns to improve balance, form, and structures.  Our Health Optimization and Performance Coaches maintain advanced exercise related degrees and work as a team to help any of our clients find their absolute best.

Try the Oxefit System


Our Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field chairs and beds have immense healing power as they stimulate the natural production of stem cells, reduce the pain signal from misalignments and injuries, and optimize both recovery and healing.

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Lori Tully

"I've always worked out but at a certain point, the challenge became tougher.  Not any more!  Down 10 pounds and people can't believe . . . I'm a Grandmother in this body!"

Alan Shapiro

"I lost 28 pounds, am far more flexible and powerful than I've been in years, , and have developed true mastery over my body, mind, and health."

Carole Lasorisak

"I never thought getting fit could be so fun! Off my meds, down over 30 pounds, and my husband and I founf Infinite Impact to be a truly unique facility with a one-of-a-kind team."

Sue-Ann Levy

"I am fitting in clothes I gave up on, have lost weight in a matter of weeks, and . . . no longer have prediabetes!"

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