Dietary Supplement and Prescription Assessment & Review

Are You Getting Benefit?

Over 70% of Americans habitually use dietary supplements with the same statistic answering the question "how many American adults are on meds?"

As a result, we meet clients and patients who come in with very long lists of pills, powders, capsules, and prescriptions without any clear sense of what may be "working" and what isn't.

Dr. Blyweiss and Phil Kaplan join forces to conduct individual consults and assessments to assure their visitors are making wise and efficacious choices, always moving toward better health and greater outcomes.

This is a Really Good Idea

Fitness seekers, bodybuilders, and those in search of lean sexy bodies are easy prey for supplement sellers promising thrilling outcomes.  Whether anabolic  drugs, diuretic herbs, or hormonal precursors are in the mix or not, most of these people fail to understand the possible interactions and the potential risks.

Those seeking health improvement are often using a mix of OTC supplements and prescription meds and anyone on more than 3 medications is prone to suffer at least one undesired interaction.

For both safety, and for your  budget, let the experts guide  you toward safety, clarity and ultimately toward the outcome you seek.

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The Full Assessment with Phil Kaplan and Dr. David Blyweiss is $185.  Before scheduling, share a bit of info and one of our medical professionals will reply by phone or email with additional details

You Should Know

The FDA reports millions of hospitalizations annually in the U.S. related to Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) with over 100,000 hospital deaths as reported in 2018.  It’s estimated that near 4 times the number of ADR hospital deaths occur in ambulatory facilities and nursing home, with another significant percentage dying at home.  The numbers have since escalated. It’s fair to say most, if not all, of these ADR deaths were preventable.

It's also important to note that some supplements interact negatively with prescription drugs and few people have a single medical practitioner examine the totality of their prescriptions and supplement choices.

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Dr. David Blyweiss

We pride  ourselves on bring a true Integrative Medical Facility and with Dr. Blyweiss at the Medical Helm, we have one of the greatest minds in the Functional  Medicine field.   With degrees both in pharmacology and medicine, he  is uniquely qualified for this  offering.

In high demand as a lecturer, speaker, and physician, he enjoys working  with our staff and members for one primary reason.  We're committed to making people better, and in line with that commitment, we offer this  incredible service.

The Assessment Intends to Ensure

  1. That you’re taking things that may offer benefit in your personal circumstance
  2. That you aren’t taking any compounds that may negatively interact with others
  3. That you’re set up to sensibly evaluate outcomes and make shifts accordingly
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