Is Injectable Weight Loss A Thing? ala alpha lipoic acid carinitine healthy weight loss l-carnitine maunjaro metabolism ozempic wegovy weight loss drugs

You stick a needle in your skin, inject a liquid, and watch the scale with a smile on your face.

Injectable weight loss? 

Is it for real?

Well, we know it is being offered.  We know it has consumer appeal.  After all the prescriptions now number in the millions.

But is it...

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Gimme Drugs Gimme Drugs healthy weight loss mounjaro ozempic semaglutide wegovy weight loss drugs

Have Americans Given Up Their Own Power?

by Phil Kaplan


Want drugs?

Yellowstone Park, Forest Hills, NY, circa 1976. 

Jamie sold quaaludes. 

Micky was the weed dealer (he usually had Acapulco Gold). 

Crackerjack sold hash and sometimes had baggies full of Dexadrine.

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Getting to Ozempic: Weight Loss Drugs Through Time amphetamins diabetes diabetes drug diet fen-phen medical weight loss mounjaro ozempic phen-fen rybelsus semaglutide wegovy weight loss drugs

by Phil Kaplan

In the late 1800s, women were encouraged to perform household duties and “pleasingly plump” was considered the ideal woman.  Curvy.  Buxom.  Healthy.

Portly men were associated with success and affluence.  America didn’t have an obesity problem...

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