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The Key to Restoring Excellence: Cellular Activation

cellular activation cellular health dna hbot hyperbaric oxygen immune function infrared light neuron pemf red light red light therapy Mar 06, 2024

"Any cell, tissue, or organ is capable of crying for attention, and when you give it some, the healing process begins"  - Deepak Choprah

If we're going to help you heal, let's start by bringing new life and power to your cells!  If you've been through the maze of conventional medicine, and no health professional ever shared this vital approach to rejuvenation, restoration, and re-discovering excellence, YOU NEED TO READ THIS!

We don’t need to understand how our cells work in order to understand the importance of cellular health.  We simply need to recognize and accept that every one of us is a compilation of cells, systems, and structures animated by thought, energy, and lifeforce.

Whew.  That’s a lot.

Coceptually, the  exercise of “understanding” the intricacy of your biological makeup may prompt you to go back into the simplicity of  “I am the  body I see in the mirror.” 

The reality is, the body itself is merely a momentary reflection of your cellular health.

Up until the mid 1600's, not a single person on earth had any sense of "what we're really made of."  Of course the obvious conclusions of the day led post-Medieval physicians to recognize that we are somehow comoposed of flesh, blood, organs, and bone.

As exploration and discovery brought forth greater microscopic power and stellar ilumination, scientists began to identify micro inhabitants of living things. 

With time, it became clear. 

Beyond the bacteria and micro-organisms that lived within us were the actual components of our organs, blood, flesh, and bones.

My turtles, my sister, Adam Sandler, and the butterflies in my backyard have a commonality.  They are all constructed of cells.

I won’t go into a dissertation on the biology of cells, nor will I go anywhere beyond this simplified overview of the living core of human excellence, but I will share my excitement at witnessing, first-hand, our ability to "heal" from the cell outward, to "fix" dis-ease by restoring the power of the  living organisms that serve as our true foundation.


Cell theory is the foundational principle upon which all cellular exploration evolves.  It is relayed as three tenets:

  1. All living organisms are composed of one or more cells
  2. The cell is the most basic unit of life
  3. All cells come from pre-existing cells and are the basic unit of reproduction

There are three components of cellular health that every one of us should be concerned with.  In  my lectures and teachings for health professionals, I refer to the three components with a single representation, Ci3.

What is Ci3?

  • Cellular Integrity
  • Cellular Intelligence
  • Cellular Interactivity

When all three elements of Ci3 are operating in a state of excellence, the human body composed of those cells reflects excellence.

My entire business model is built upon our ability to improve, even optimize Ci3.

When a client or patient comes in with compromise, a disease diagnosis, or chronic limitation, the first course of action is “Activation!”

We can only help a body experience betterment if we can bring the cells that contribute to health to “spring to life.”  We literally infuse them with the intangible but very real power, LifeForce.

Because this science runs a bit counter to conventional medicine (diagnose, medicate, and treat a symptom), I’ve decided to offer an introduction to “Cellular Activation.”  I’m not going to teach you about it, I’m going to invite you to experience it.

The process is miraculous, the experience is uplifting, and the power you’ll feel surging through your body is clear evidence that “this stuff works!”

If we consider that brain cells (neurons), muscle cells, and immune cells may become “sluggish,” or dormant, and we understand that cellular vitality is the primary component that dictates energy and performance, we’ll come to recognize the potential impact of a series of stimuli that prompt naturally valuable cells to become fully operative.  This is the process of cellular activation.

It might better be explained as a “re-invigoration of power into cellular systems, restoring cellular function to its prime state by applying an activating factor.”

What are the primary “activating factors” we’ll use in an Activation Experience?

  • InfraRed Light
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen
  • Magnetic Field Energy and/or Acoustic Soundwave

Our “passive activation session” asks you to do nothing other than “experience” the power.  You’ll feel it.  You’ll feel a sense of alertness, vitality, and a new recognition of your potential.

For those who are more fitness oriented, we’ll throw in a 5 – 12 minute Power Circuit which amplifies the effect by incorporating modest muscular challenge using a number of integrated strategies to call upon mitochondrial recruitment, enhanced circulation, metabolic recharge, and protein synthesis.

If you’re ready to raise the bar on your own sense of possibility, if you want to restore health, vitality, and the sense of well-being you thought you left behind, schedule an Activation Experience.

When I say your life will change, what I mean is . . .

You’re going to fill your body, brain, and mind with the energy of excellence, and with that newly acquired power, your future is dictated only by your own imagination.

 I’ll cover this topic in greater depth in the months to come.  For now, come Activate!



IMPORTANT: The statements made herein are backed by an extensive body of published peer-reviewed research.  Here's a small sampling.


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