You Had The Power All Along diabetes gut biome healthy weight loss hypothyroid inflammation medication metabolism microbiome ozempic pain


Santiago and Dorothy each travel their own road (one paved with yellow bricks, the other a bit sandier). 

Dorothy meets a Tin Man, Santiago meets a King. 

Their stories seem very different, yet in the end, they’re exactly the same. 

The two protagonists, a girl from...

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It's Not "The Thing," it's Synergy! atkins diet diabetes exercise fat loss fat reduction fitness program healthy weight loss hyperbaric hypothyroid lyme disease red light

by Phil Kaplan


For years I started my seminars with two words.

Nothing works.

It’s true.

If the goal involves improvement in health, metabolism, function, or performance, nothing works . . . in and of itself.

The key to achieving betterment through exercise and lifestyle is...

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3 Reasons Your Exercise Program Isn't Working diets exercise hypothyroid metabolism thyroid weight loss drug weight loss resistance workouts

by Phil Kaplan

We call it an intake. 

It’s a 10-question exploration that helps me determine where someone struggling with individual health or fitness might be falling short.  In the great majority of cases, the nice fitness-wanting people sitting across from me are trying. 


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