It's Not "The Thing," it's Synergy! atkins diet diabetes exercise fat loss fat reduction fitness program healthy weight loss hyperbaric hypothyroid lyme disease red light

by Phil Kaplan


For years I started my seminars with two words.

Nothing works.

It’s true.

If the goal involves improvement in health, metabolism, function, or performance, nothing works . . . in and of itself.

The key to achieving betterment through exercise and lifestyle is...

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The Greatest Supplement of All! exercise health nutritional supplements red light vitamin d

by Phil Kaplan


I sent out an email with the Subject: The Greatest Supplement of All.

If you received and opened the email, you immediately read my reveal.






I anticipated a good number of  subscribers greeting my revelation with disappointment and...

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Red Light, Fat Loss, and Health. Legit or Scam? body contouring infrared red light red light therapy

Want to boost brain, energy, metabolism, and mood? 

OK, then get up early. 

Not just a little early.  I mean wake up when it’s still dark out, in the moments just before sunrise. 

Then stand outside naked and wait.

You’re slowly bathed in red-hued radiance,...

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