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Drugs, Starvation, Torture, or Reboot?

boost metabolism fat loss ozempic phen-fen phentermine semaglutide weight loss weight loss drug Mar 24, 2024

Is There Finally an Easy Way?

I’m going to direct you to read an article I posted (originally titled Starvation, Drugs, and Torture) with a new announcement opening the door for a few hundred people to rediscover health (and fat loss).

CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE NOW (with its revised title). . . or continue reading as I introduce you to Ana.

(pay particular attention to the warning at the end if you or anyone you know is considering a weight loss drug)


Ana sat with me in my office.  She has been medicated for Type 2 Diabetes for 8 years and says she’s 54 pounds over her ideal weight (all gained over the last 5 years).  Ana has also been diagnosed with a thyroid condition, and wants to “get back to her old self.”

She was debating between the Metabolic Reboot and Ozempic.

“A friend of mine started taking Ozempic at the beginning of March.  I want to see how she’s  doing before I decide.”

“Ana, why don’t you call her?”

“Right now?”


She called Joanna with her iphone on speaker setting.

“Hi, Joanna, I’m sitting here with the guy I told you about and he has this program that involves exercise and red light, but I said I’d check with you first to see how you’re doing with Ozempic.  Did you lose any weight?”

“I think about 6 pounds.”

Ana smiled, somewhat victoriously.  Until Joanna continued.

“But I haven’t gotten out of bed in 4 days.  I have a horrible headache that doesn’t go away.”

“Wow, do you think its from the  Ozempic?”

“I don’t know, but I’m nauseous and I can barely eat anything.”

I watched Ana think.  After the conversation I asked her if she’s ready to get started.

“Umm, I still need to think about it.  Let me see how Joanna feels after the weekend.”

I didn’t scream, although I wanted to.  I smiled instead.

“Ana, the only challenge you have right now is your indecision compounded by a number of false beliefs.  I’m not going to sell you or even try to convince you.  I’m simply asking you to employ some critical thinking.  Weigh things out.  Read the ebook I wrote on the Weight Loss drugs.  Read the recent blog post.  And unless Joanna experiences a miraculous turnaround over the weekend, I invite you to call, text, or come back and I promise you, not only will we hand you back your own metabolic power, but in all likelihood your “dis-ease conditions” will be overridden by a new state of health.”

She hugged me and left. 

She didn’t come back. 

I’m still hoping.

Why am I sharing this story? 

Because it’s representative of scores of meetings I and my team have every week. 

People are just so misinformed.

The 20 diets they tried resulted in residual weight gain.  They tried keto, plant-based, and rotation.  They had food sensitivity tests, signed up for Zumba, Pilates, and CrossFit, tried a medical procedure or two, and they are still wishing, hoping, and imagining that their cyclical return to ineffective approaches will suddenly work.

It’s crazy.  Not the people, the deception.  The misinformation is so compelling it bypasses rational thought.

“She feels like shit, she can’t get out of bed, but darn it, she’s losing weight!  I think I’ll try that!”


I’m not averse to people finding solutions that serve them, and if there were a medication that proved to be a weight loss miracle I’d be the first to sing its praises.

After watching a skewed (but popular) show on Netflix demonizing omnivores, and seeing Oprah present an emotion-ridden propaganda piece about the new Ozempic family of drugs, I feel it’s time. 

Years ago I was outspoken traveling the nation and the  world presenting seminars and popping up on TV and radio shows all over the  country.

Then I got happily distracted creating a new platform in medicine, an Integrated facility where Science, Medicine, and Fitness come together.

Now that's complete and in motion.

It’s time to speak out again.


My clients find their own power, they lose fat despite years of weight loss resistance, they regain youthful energy, and they find new confidence and well-being. 

This happens in a microcosm as the masses reach for antidepressants to overcome their shame, their dismay, and the perils of their health decline.

What people need most of all is truth, and if that truth leads them to experience the Metabolic Reboot, I can roll up my sleeves and jump right in.

Right now, I’m doing exactly that, personally taking people through the Metabolic Reboot beginning with LIVE Seminars for small groups at Infinite Impact in Boca Raton.

CLICK HERE, learn more, and take a step toward recognizing the truth and reclaiming your metabolism and life!

Looking forward to playing a role in your thrilling health and fitness future!

Phil Kaplan
Founder of The Metabolic Reboot
Infinite Impact Health
9874 Yamato Road, Boca Raton, FL 33434
(Private office Line) 561 879-4602
[email protected]


I want to you understand, “consumer advocacy” has been my position for decades.  I’m not new to pointing out misinformation and deception in the health field.  I haven’t any personal bias toward any approach or release, as long as its based on efficacy and truth.  In 2024, most offerings aren't.

If you're tempted by the Oprah special, the TV commercials, or the "everyone's doing it - buzz,"  I ask you to consider that Ana's friend Joanna is one of millions now suffering uncomfortable side effects.

I ask you to take a peek at the 1500% escalation in poison control center reported adverse effects due to misuse or overuse of Ozempic.

I ask you to consider the National Institutes of Health reports related to life-threating gastroparesis (stomach paralysis), semaglutide-associated depression, increases in reports of suicidal tendencies, and enough of a risk of thyroid cancer and pancreatitis to merit an FDA Black Box Warning.

Put these factors in your "list of considerations" in the weighing out process.

AND NOW . . . A NEW(?) DRUG?

As a final note, many of the weight loss clinics and “quick results” centers are starting to offer, after people find discomfort or disappointment with semaglutide drugs, a “new” drug combination. Phentermine and topiramate are now sold under the brand name Qsymia.  I will no doubt soon do a full article on the dangers, but know this. 

Phentermine is one of the Phen-Fen drugs that resulted in Primary Pulmonary Hypertension and residual deaths in thousands of users.  It was pulled from the market, and now, that time has passed, Phentermine has found a new partner.  Fenfluramine was replaced by an anti-convulsive medicine.  Not only is this extremely dangerous, it will prove to be ineffective for any lasting improvement in metabolism and health.

The power is within you and I can show you how to access it.


P.P.S.  Ana is not “Ana’s” real name.  I have a feeling the real-life Ana is reading this and wondering if I’m referring to her.  I am.  And the door remains open.


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