Immune System Assessment, Boost & Review

Are You Protected?


Viruses, Bacteria, and  Pathogens are opportunistic.  While wearing masks in public and avoiding contact with potentially infectious agents has been a post-COVID common practice, the only real protection lies in maintaining a robust and healthy immune  system.

Dr. Blyweiss and Phil Kaplan join forces to conduct individual consults and assessments to provide a biochemical snapshotof immune biomarkers.

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The Full Immunity Assessment includes a full set of labs including key biomarkers of helath and  immunity.  It also includes a lab review and an IV Boost including Glutathione, Vitamin C, and B12.  The  entire assessment is only $325.

Dr. David Blyweiss

We pride  ourselves on bring a true Integrative Medical Facility and with Dr. Blyweiss at the Medical Helm, we have one of the greatest minds in the Functional  Medicine field.   With degrees both in pharmacology and medicine, he  is uniquely qualified for this  offering.

In high demand as a lecturer, speaker, and physician, he enjoys working  with our staff and members for one primary reason.  We're committed to making people better, and in line with that commitment, we offer this  incredible service.