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REMARKABLE: Hacking Metabolic Fat Loss

biohacking diet exercise fat loss healthy weight loss metabolism slim Aug 17, 2023

by Phil Kaplan

Weight Loss is Sooooo Very Hard (say the people who just can’t lose it no matter what they do).

Weight Loss, Metabolism Boosting, and Restoring Youthful Energy are Soooooo Simple (say those who discover the Metabolic Reboot and . . . learn a few “metabolic hacks”)

For our Biohackers Family and our existing Infinite Impact members, this is an overview of what you already know, but most people who struggle to lose weight have NEVER been exposed to these technologies.  I encourage you to forward this article to anyone who needs a bit of clarity.

For everyone else, prepare to be enlightened!


  • Hack #1 – RLT (Red Light Therapy)


  • Hack #2 – HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy)


  • Hack #3 – Cryo (Full Body Cryotherapy)

Before I share a bit about each of the strategies and tools I listed above, I want to do two things.

I want to Invite you to experience these hacks for FREE!



I want to Share a few key points that will help you make sense out of my explanations.





  • Fat Loss is a Two-Step Process
  • Fat is Burned in the Mitochondria of Muscle Cells
  • Lipolysis (fat burning) requires a presence of oxygen at a cellular level
  • We optimize the process that allows us to burn fat continuously in a state of homeostasis


About the “Hacks.”

Where popularized weight loss “lures” and wildfire trends such as “cool sculpting,” the HCG diet, and the new breed of semaglutide weight loss drugs fall short, these “hacks” are incredibly powerful in optimizing your fat burning power.

As I explain in depth (in the Biohacking eBook which you can download for FREE), Biohacks are strategies for taking the gifts nature provides (infrared light from the sun, clean air with pure oxygen content, the earth’s magnetic energy field, etc.) and delivering them using technology.  They serve, in a sense, as “shortcuts” toward restoring that which exists at the highest levels of human health.

The three “biggies” I mentioned above, RLT, HBOT, and Cryo are giants in terms of their healing, restorative, and metabolism-inducing power.  None of them, however, perform miracles in and of themselves. 

At our facility in Boca Raton, Infinite Impact, our ability to reverse chronic disease and weight loss resistance stems from a science-based exercise and eating strategy (The Metabolic Reboot) much-enhanced by these Biohacks.

Red Light Therapy

(including not only visible red light, but the full spectrum including infra-red). 

Because Fat Loss is a Two-Step Process (first you have to release it from the cell, then it has to be shuttled into the mitochondria to be burned), for significant fat loss to occur, a sound strategy of exercise and nutrition (not starvation – metabolic eating) must be in place.  There is a solid and ever-growing body of evidence to demonstrate that when red light is added into a sound regimen, results are significantly amplified.  This is evidenced by an increase in adiponectin (a protein hormone involved in fat loss) and outcomes in a series of credible and peer-reviewed studies.  By amplifying fat release and “healing” compromised or aging mitochondria, the impact is remarkable.  Plain and simple, our “Reboot” clients incorporating 16 red light sessions over the 8 week program see greater fat reduction than those who do the exercise and eating alone.  Find more about the science by reading a previous article I wrote assessing whether RLT is a miracle or scam (clue – it isn’t a scam).

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Our clients are first intrigued and curious, then engaged and in love with out Hyperbaric Chambers.  At first glance they call it a spaceship, or “the Michael Jackson thing,” but once they have their first experience, they simply feel better.   Why?  Well, our healthy cells are “aerobic” in nature.  They perform their metabolic processes in the presence of oxygen.  The process of releasing stored fat as potential fuel, mobilizing fatty acids, and ultimately incinerating those fatty acids is dependent upon oxygen, and when oxygenation is less than optimal, so too is metabolic power.  The chamber creates an environment where the oxygen content is enhanced and as you relax, read, sleep, or chat, your fat burning power is enhanced.  While hyperbaric is now used for many concerns, such as wound healing and brain recovery, and those may require more frequent treatments, one session per week in conjunction with the Reboot Strategy and Red Light has far-reaching benefit further maximizing the outcome!


Full Body Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is novel both in its appearance and in the experience.  You stand in side a chamber, with your head sticking out the top, and the chamber fills with air impacted by nitrogen gas to create extreme cold.  Nobody comes in asking to try cryo because they love being cold.  In fact, most of our clients initial reaction comes with the sentence “I hate being cold” (keep in mind, I live in Florida).  The “love” is the outcome.  You stay in the chamber for 3 minutes, and once you get a sense of how it feels, it’s truly invigorating.  The benefits are incredible and diverse.  In relation to the topic of fat loss (weight loss), there are two profound shifts that our Reboot clients all describe with reverence and gratitude.  It increases blood circulation (increasing blood flow increases mobilization of released fat acids) and it creates a post-cryo state of an endorphin rush (you just plain feel food) and parasympathetic recovery.  As the cold therapy works to reverse inflammation (another immense benefit) it prompts your nervous system to calm the adrenal system and drop you down into a state of pure relaxation, a state of homeostasis, the state where fat can be best burned.

In the next piece I’ll share why punching yourself in the back, reawakening child-like breathing, and a nutritional trio are the simplest metabolic hacks at all and if you don’t have access to Red Light, HBOT, or Cryo, they’ll serve you well.

For those who live in South Florida, Come in For An Experience. 

Try all 3 Hacks.


And if you want or need a Metabolic Reboot,
what are you waiting for?


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The Way to Weight Loss
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