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The Weight Loss Industry is a $100 Billion Industry and Most People Will Fail to Achieve a Satisfactory or Lasting Result.  The Metabolic Reboot Program has been proven in major hospitals and medical centers, with over 8,000 people.  It is science based, built upon 42 Immutable Principles, and integrates nutrition, movement, mindset, and recovery, the vital elements necessary for positive shifts in body composition and biochemistry (blood sugar, thyroid, etc).  Before you waste any money on another purported "solution," find your own power to regenerate, recompose, and heal with the Metabolic Reboot (the program developed by Phil Kaplan and offered through Biohackers Fitness & Wellness Centers & Infinite IMPACT Integrative Medicine)

The Platinum Metabolic Reboot Features 8 Weeks of Thrilling Change

In only 8 Weeks Reinstall Youthful Metabolic Programming


Retrain your body to "Burn" Through Food and Release and Incinerate Fat Once and For All!

Reawaken the Innate Intelligence That Maximizes Energy and Restores Bodily Systems to a Renewed State of Divine Health

It sounds crazy.  Can you really reboot metabolism in 8 short Weeks? 

Yes, and you'll come to understand how "Rebooters" worldwide are reversing chronic diseases they believed they'd have forever!

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"Grandmas aren't supposed to look like this!"

"Wow.  All I can say is Wow.  I've always worked out, hard, and as the years crept up, so did the pounds.  When Phil told me a 9-minute routine would help me shed 10 pounds of fat and get into the best shape of my life, I was skeptical.  The outcome was truly amazing.  My husband loves it, I love it, and you'll love it too!"

- Lori Tully, Office Manager, Grandmother


"I'd Given Up Hope - Until NOW"


"I'm down 18 pounds after Phil promised me The Metabolic Reboot would work.  I was doubtful after "trying everything." 

I have to say I'm legitimately thrilled.  I'm now a believer!

I honestly feel better than ever and I'm rediscovering my own incredible potential."

- Jean Macintosh, Business Executive

Off her meds and 30 pounds lighter!

I searched for a program like The Metabolic Reboot for decades! 

I'm now off cholesterol meds, down 30 pounds, and have seen dramatic positive changes to bone and posture.

The changes go deeper than the physical.  I’m emotionally, mentally, and spiritually better and for the first time in years, I sleep through the night restfully.

Lisa Marshall Transformed!

  • Lost 19 lbs of "scale weight"
  • Dropped 27.25 lbs of body fat
  • Lost 7.5" off waist
  • Lost 5.25" off hips
  • Body Fat % dropped from 32.3% to 15.9%
  • BMI dropped from 22.6 to 19.6

It's an understatement to say the Metabolic Reboot changed my life, and it runs far deeper than the physical change.  EVERYTHING is BETTER!

Rave Reviews Just Keep Coming!

Jon Bass

With the Reboot, I reversed Metabolic Syndrome and I no longer have Type 2 Diabetes.  The physique changes are remarkable and I passed 70 a few years ago!

Karlene Myers

"Finally, I have clarity with exercise, food, and attitude, thanks to the Metabolic Reboot!!!!  And my body is responding in more ways than I can count!"

Alan Shapiro

The Reboot is amazing.  The improvements in my movement, power, and flexibility are insane, and I'm down 28 pounds!  Best of all, the improvement continues.


In 21 days, following the Metabolic Reboot I lost over 10 lbs and 2 inches from my waist!  I can’t believe I actually am free of my sugar cravings & broke my bad habits of late night eating.  The mental and emotional aspects of this program were so valuable! I am really excited to keep going.

Sue-Ann Levy

"No more cravings, stellar energy, extraordinary mood, and continued fat loss were all the evidence I needed.   Oh, and . . . I am no longer pre-diabetic! After our 8-week journey (which continues now in Canada) my blood test results came back "normal!" (see Sun-Ann's video below)

John Willie

When I first started I was overwhelmed. The 21 day reboot, was such a change in diet and mindset. I lost over 20lbs during that 3 weeks and have lost another 10lbs in th weeks that followed. My wife jumped in and she lost 12 pounds, and my daughter 9 pounds. My advice?  Relax and enjoy the healthful, fun, inspiring ride!"


I battled weight all my life, and at 66 I knew I needed to get the weight off.  I would have never imagined a program could teach me to control my sugar addiction . . . and it happened in 3 days!  My face is thinner, my body is thinner, and the shorts that I couldn’t squeeze into 8 weeks again are now sliding off.

I wake up each morning looking forward to the day and I now know how to eat healthfully, how to control my mood, and I can’t speak more highly of the Metabolic Reboot.


Reboot Pricing Options



Top features

  • 8 weeks in duration
  • 16 Red Light Sessions
  • The Virtual Library and Reboot Program
  • A Complete Course in Circadian Nutrition (never diet again)
  • A Course & Tool to Ensure Positive Mindset Shifts (TAO tool)
  •  An e-version of the Metabolic Meals recipe and meal guide
  •  A Welcome Intake with a Health Optimization Coach
  •  5 Sessions with your Coach (live or via Zoom)
  •  Preliminary Medical Labs
  •  Medical Consult with our Functional Medicine M.D.
  •  8 Premium Biohacking Sessions including PEMF and/or Hyperbaric Oxygen
  •  Post Program Assessment and Review
  • Post-Program re-visit with Functional Medicine MD
  •  Intro Pack to THRIVE Probiotic & Anti-Inflammatory System
  •  2 Head Start IV Nutritionals

Live Group


Economy - 21 Days

  • 21 Days from start to finish
  • The complete program in your Private Virtual Library
  • 6 Live Group Sessions
  • 3 red light sessions (one per week)
  • One (1) one-on-one session with a coach per week (3 total)
  • An intake and preparatory session with your assigned Coach before beginning
  • The online Circadian Nutrition Course
  • A post-program re-assessment and "move forward" plan

This version is conducted LIVE at infinite Impact in Boca Raton.  See the next start date below.  There are between 8 and 12 people in a group and the groups will sell out.

The 21 day version introduces every strategy and principle delivered in the  full 8 week program.  

The group sessions also include hands-on instruction for each of the  exercises.  The workouts can be done at home.  The education and support make this an extreme value.


Online Only


Remote - Downloadable

  • The complete online 21 Day Metabolic Reboot Course including a series of preparatory videos sharing details on the program including live support and hundreds of recorded videos covering meals, meditations, exercise demos, and more
  • Downloadable sheets and handouts providing details and exercise illustrations
  • Gain Access to the Coaching and Support Facebook Group
  • Get one tele-coaching session once within the first 7 days
  •  Get the downloadable e-version of the Metabolic Meals Recipe Book
  • Two (2) Biohacks if you live in  South Florida (no credit is applied for failure to incorporate the Biohacks)
  • Optional coaching sessions conducted by Zoom at only $42.50 per (during the program), Sessions are 25 minutes

The Next "Live Group" Reboot at Infinite Impact

Work with the IMPACT Team in a group setting mastering the Metabolic Reboot strategies over the course of 21 Days. Lose Fat. Increase Energy. Optimize Health.









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