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What's Making You Sick?

chronic disease diabetes exercise healing healthy weight loss jardiance medications mold nutrition ozempic toxicity wellness Sep 11, 2023

by Phil Kaplan


“Sick” might mean anything from “out of sorts” to “nauseous,” from “uncomfortable,” to “experiencing compromise in normal function.” 


By those definitions,

MOST Americans are sick MOST of the time.


Let's Take a Closer Look and Find Some Answers . . . 





Most doctor visits today result in an attempted diagnosis, a prescription or two, and at times a referral to a specializing practitioner.

The “system” is different than it was years ago.  The reverence for the “old time family doctor” is almost extinct and the standard “9 minutes with a patient” is clearly inadequate for most of the afflicted unwell if the true goal is “to get better.”

You won’t dance in the street if you take Jardiance (see the catchy TV Commercial), you won’t regain your old lean body if you commit to Ozempic (despite the catchy jingle) and while many drugs can reduce your recognition of the “pain signal,” not a one of them can “fix” the “problem” (and we’ll save the discussion of the side effects for another day).



If you have a Cluster of Symptoms, Recurring Discomfort,
and an Inability to Consistently Function in a State of Health and Wellness,
A Prescription is Not Likely to Resolve the “Dis-ease.”




We have unprecedented epidemics in chronic disease with people from all walks of life, hypnotized by captivating marketing and catchy jingles, flocking to a medical system ill-equipped to help them “get better.”  If we redefine the common conditions, we may be better equipped to consider commonality, better equipped to treat "at the  source."

  • Obesity is a chronic metabolic disease.
  • Type 2 diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease.
  • Hypothyroidism is a chronic metabolic disease.
  • Weight  loss resistance is a chronic metabolic disease

Autoimmune, inflammatory, and chronic adrenal fatigue are ALL chronic metabolic diseases.



. . . however, when you get to the source, the great majority of common chronic conditions are reversible.


If you, or anyone you love is stuck in that reality, let’s get on a different course.  A better one!





Although I obsessively learn from observation and research, whenever possible I prefer to speak from personal experience, and while it’s human nature to draw global conclusions, my intention is not to discredit any professional organization, association, or individual.  My intention is to empower people with what I find to be a preponderance of evidence so they’re equipped to make healthy and beneficial decisions.

I attribute much of my present belief to the odyssey that took me from “being the patient” to healing, from relentlessly seeking answers to attending, participating in, and speaking at national and international medical conferences of all sizes worldwide. 

My personal experience in the arena of “restored health” is extensive.




I’ve seen both patients and practitioners jump to the prescription of an antibiotic far too often. 

I’ve seen far too many people “ask” for medications simply because of the catchy song or the well-produced TV Commercials.

I regularly meet with people who seek medication as a solution with complete ignorance as to what the medication does or what it brings with it in terms of risk.

I’ve seen, experienced, and been in the presence of a great many folks who were incorrectly diagnosed. 

I’ve chosen to become a pioneer in a field where we look deeper than symptoms and knee-jerk diagnoses and I live by a commitment to finding “the source” of the “dis-ease.”




It isn’t “normal” to have high blood sugar, low thyroid output, or even low Vitamin D. These irregularities are common, but not “normal.”  When a physician says, “it’s normal, you’re post-menopausal,” or “it’s normal because you’re over 50,” play this simple phrase on repeat in your head.



“An abnormal reading or marker cannot be “normal.”



The flawed conclusion that suggests that “normal” is the same as “commonly abnormal” is in itself a contradiction in terms.

Health is definable, quantifiable, and measurable.

Dis-ease is definable, quantifiable, and measurable, and in most cases, with accurate diagnosis and clarity as to the source of symptoms, “better” is an achievable outcome.




In attempting to find “the source” or “the cause” of an identified compromise or a set of symptoms, we can be as extensive and exploratory as time and economy allow.

At a baseline, we can assess physical biomechanical health beginning with vitals, movements patterns, balance testing, and oxygen usage.  We can gain further insight with lab work to asses tell-tale biochemical markers, and then, if the initial labs suggest it, we can delve further info assessing  the  activity of the endocrine cascade, the  gut biome, pancreatic efficiency, neurological acuity, and  biological age.  

And with clues, we can delve further.

Is this exploration expensive? 

Sure, if we run full panels of assays, scans, and explorations on everybody regardless of how they present, but with a solid team of practitioners, even the assessment process is meticulously strategic.  Clues can be found in simple conversation (with physical assessment) and every further assessment should be based upon those clues.

At Infinite Impact every single customer, client, or patient begins with what we call an intake.  We gather information from which we can glean insights.  As a part of that process we begin with a basic health history.  We review diagnoses and medications, and here’s where I’ve learned to approach things differently than most.

I see a diagnosis as a theory based on a set of clues, not always a definitive identification of “the problem.” 

It’s also important to note that while a symptom may by the isolated “problem” screaming the loudest, the true fix will be found, not by quieting the symptom, but by answering the question “why” and accessing the body’s innate healing power to resolve “the source.” 

With this approach, symptoms almost always fade away.




In the great majority of cases I've seen, numbering well into the thousands, the underlying "source" of low thyroid output, weight loss resistance, brain fog, erratic energy, and blood sugar irregularity is a condition I've named R.E.M.A.S.S.   REMASS is shockingly common among American adults, and, in most cases is completely reversible (use the link below to take "The REMASS Quiz")*




In previous writings I explained that I was misdiagnosed with a debilitating disease in 2006.  Only through a willingness to question the diagnosis did I continue to explore, and my exploration led me to medical groups, institutions, “healers,” shamans, psychics, oddballs, herbalists, and alternative medicine practitioners of all shapes, sizes, and flavors. 

Had I thought to bring a videographer, it might have been the #1 Reality Show of all time.

Searching didn’t bring instant answers, but rather a series of accidental (?) occurrences.

Once such “accident” began with a sudden “spin.”  I collapsed, out cold, in O’Hare Airport.  After being revived by a medic, I landed in a random conversation at a Delta Gate with a Boston University student who, via phone, introduced me to a doctor (her father) who  directed me to buy a book called Mold Warriors. 

Three weeks later I was at a small family practice in Pocomoke City Maryland hugging the author of that book, Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker (he’s not a hugger but he saved my life.  He diagnosed me correctly).

The cause of my tremors, brain compromise, loss of consciousness, cramps, balance challenges, stuttering, and dramatic energy and mood swings was mold toxicity (my office had been destroyed by Hurricane Wilma in 2005 and after the diagnosis, I hired a mold expert.  Within minutes he discovered thick mold under the baseboards and in the air ducts, so think it literally looked like fur.  I never went back into that space.  

10 days after the Shoemaker diagnosis I was fine!  Not a little better.  Almost back to pre-mold condition.  Every debilitating symptom had subsided.  And that experience changed the course of my life and career.

This is intended to be a brief article, not a lengthy expository, so I won’t, in this piece, describe the process of my healing, but I’m more than willing to at any time with anyone who needs a bit of clarity or direction.  For now I’ll simply say the journey back to excellence included a whole lot of  IV Glutathione, Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments, and a new understanding of brain reconditioning.  That healing process led me to connect with Dr. Kristin Comella 10 years later and together we created Infinite Impact.

Over the past 180 days alone, Dr. Comella and I have identified “causes” in at least a dozen people who were incorrectly diagnosed and for each one, after a period of suffering and a near-abandonment of hope, the healings have been miraculous.

The big lessons?  I’ll leave you with 5.


  1. Our bodies know how to heal when the interference is removed and the right support is provided
  2. The doctor isn’t always right
  3. Medications are not a curative solution for chronic disease
  4. Symptoms are the alarm, and quieting them is only silencing the warning signs
  5. Nutrition, movement, nature, and mindset are vital elements in any healing process

I, along with Dr. Comella, Dr. Blyweiss, and our medical team, am happy to consult with anyone feeling lost in the maze seeking a course from “unwell” to “better.”  We have a great many tools and strategies all tapping into your body’s willingness to heal.

It begins with a Consultation or Experience.  Schedule yours now (by phone, Zoom, or in person).



*Do You Have REMASS?

Take the REMASS Quiz

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