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The Athlete and Dieter Who Make Me Cry

atkins diet diet fat loss hcg diet healing injury joint pain lose weight medical weight loss semaglutide stem cell zone diet Aug 18, 2023

Are You a Brick Wall Archetype?

By Phil Kaplan

I’m about to describe two “Archetypes,” two identifiable types of people who share common traits, and I invite you to  consider whether you may be one of them, or for most of you, think of the people in your  life who need to read this  article and confront  their  own conditions.

First I’ll define Archetype.

A very typical example of a category or genre of an identifiable person or thing

Now, here are the two Common Archetypes That Make Me Want to Cry.

The Former Athlete Workout Guy Who Wears Athletic Battle Wounds Like a Badge of Honor. 

Unlike those who continue to seek betterment, this guy has traded belief for debilitating acceptance. He’s normally between 45 and 60, works out in a gym, has all sorts  wraps  for his joints and a handful or creams  or ointments.  I met one yesterday.  Ernie. 
I walked over to a pec deck machine as Ernie finished  up.  He  saw me eyeball the machine, so Ernie spoke  first.

“Hey man, I have one set left.” 

He paused, glanced at the weight stack set at 30 pounds and said, “I go light.”

Just as different breeds of birds have different identifiable behaviors in the wild, this identifiable archetype is certain to follow with the justification.

"Blew out both rotator cuffs lifting heavy weights.  4 surgeries on my knees from playing football in high school.  Herniations in L4 L5.  I was a hard core athlete.   Nothing can help (but you can tell I’m a badass because I’ve been through it).”

“Well, maybe it’s lucky we ran into each other.  My name is Phil Kaplan.  I and my business partner, Stem Cell Scientist Dr. Kristin Comella, have just opened a medical fitness center where we help people like you get out of pain, eliminate compromise, and return to excellence.”

“My doctor said not to waste my time.  He said athletes like me have to live with the cost of all of our years of high performance.  I get cortisone shots and nerve  blocks when the  pain gets bad and it’s the only thing that works.”

“Do you want to even hear about what we do or the technology we use?”

“I’ll give it some thought.”

He walked away.

I wondered what he  was going to give thought to.  I never even told him what we do. 

It’s a shame all of the “athletes” we help to restore excellence, regenerate tissue, and heal their physical bodies never met Ernie’s doctor!


The Woman Who Has Been on Over 20 Diets in Her Lifetime, Believes They All “Worked” and That She Was Absent on the Day Willpower Was Handed Out.

“Phil, will you give me a diet?”

“I’ll do something far better.  I’ll share the program that has helped over 12,000 people break through weight loss resistance, reboot their metabolisms, and reignite fat loss so its fully within their control.”

“But I need a diet.  It’s the only thing that works.”

“Have you really found success with diets?”

(Here comes the timeline that is the clear identifier of this particular archetype)

“Oh yes!  In 1999 I did the Atkins Diet.  Lost 31 pounds.” 

“What did you weigh when you started that diet?”

“About 165.”

“OK, and you’re looking for a diet?”

“Yes.  I know that’s the only thing that works for me.”

“What led you to that conclusion?”

“Well, in 2003 I did the Mediterranean Diet and lost 24 pounds.  2006, The Zone Diet.  Lost 27.  2008 Medical Weight Loss, 20.  2010, Nutrisystems . . . .   “

Doing some quick math she should, at that point weigh about 60 pounds.  She kept going.

“. . . 2014 the HCG Diet.   2022 I was one of the first to get semglutide . . .”

If I had my calculator handy, I could have determined she now weighs minus 40.  Unless, of course, the weight came back, again, and again, and again. 

It’s that flawed thinking, “the diet worked because I weighed less for a short time” that makes this  a 100 billion dollar industry.  An industry that succeeds because it fails!

The dieters blame themselves and seek out, again, the same technology that continues to fail them.  And  at a certain point they get stuck.  Rational thought gets overrun by desperation.  They somehow  believe the thing that keeps proving ineffective will “work” this time.”

“Here’s what I’ve learned.  When we integrate strategies exercise and a sound eating plan based on science, we can reboot metabolism and restore your body to its ideal state.  We integrate a medical component and incredible technologies such as Red Light therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen to speed the  process and ensure the results are lasting.  Do you want to hear about the Reboot?”

“Can’t you just give me a diet?”

At this point I force a smile, reflexively throw up in my mouth, swallow it, and walk away disappointed that I wasn’t able to help.  I silently pray that she’ll return someday with an open mind.



What these two Archetypes share is a thick brick wall that has formed itself between their minds and possibility, and in those cases where Dr. Comella and I can penetrate, punch through, or completely obliterate that wall, miracles happen.

  • Seniors and the not-yet-seniors regain mobility, agility, and joy
  • The hovering threat of “surgery” is conquered by a human body’s own ability to heal (with a bit of help)
  • Injured Golfers return to the golf course injury-free
  • Recreational weightlifters plagued by compromise are freed to find “better bodies”
  • Diet seekers learn to restore Metabolic Efficiency and love their bodies and their  scales
  • Those who were ready to throw in the towel and accept “aging” as an excuse rejuvenate

The human body is truly miraculous and the number of people, industries and entities willing to exploit human desire for health with flawed offerings is in itself some sort of odd miracle.



The first step for anyone feeling stuck is to open up to a new possibility.

The second step is to set up either a Consultation with Dr. Comella, a Consultation with me, or a Consultation with our Functional Medicine MD, Dr. David Blyweiss, and leave your brick wall at home.

The other option for those who don’t feel they need a consultation but want to “try before they buy” is to schedule a $79 Experience where you try, firsthand, some of our amazing therapies and judge the outcome(s) for yourself.

Obliterating Brick Walls,
Phil Kaplan with Dr. Kristin Comella
Infinite Impact, Boca Raton
P.S.  Based on years of experience in working with thousands of people from all walks of life, I can tell you HOW TO BE THE BEST SUCCESS STORY.

When you come in for a visit or consultation, drop your guard.  Share openly your challenges and concerns and allow us to, along with you, conceptualize the ideal strategy with a concern for outcome, affordability, and calendar.  We’ll make sure we construct the ideal course of action.

Sometimes people come in asking for “stem cells” for their hip, knee, or ankle pain, without considering that an initial weight loss plan would dramatically reduce impact and allow our simpler therapies to facilitate healing.  Don’t ask for a drug.  Don’t ask for a treatment.  Just tell us what hurts and allow us to lay out the possibilities. 






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