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8 Elusive Facts for Human Excellence

Aug 28, 2023

You want ultimate health, body confidence, and independent power.  Bet you didn’t know:

FACT #1: You Can Determine if You’re in a Stress or Recovery State by blowing air out of your nostrils onto your Index Finger in a 3 second assessment

FACT #2: You Can Activate Your Body’s Strongest Detox System by literally punching yourself in the back (n a strategic manner and a specific “flow point”) for 45 seconds (lumbar  twists)

FACT #3: A 9-minute Daily Morning Routine can dramatically boost metabolism and restore metabolic excellence (we can put you through it . . . in 9 minutes)!

FACT #4: All Red Light Systems are not created equal.  Our full body full-spectrum photobiomodulation system (including infra-red) heals the skin, the cell, and begins the  restoration of the mitochondria (a key to youth)

FACT #5: 3 Minutes of Cryotherapy has incredible benefit to immune system, regenesis, fat burning, circulation, brain clarity, and mood

FACT #6: Acoustic Soundwave Therapy can heal soft tissue and dramatically reduce pain in less than 5 minutes

FACT #7: The Natural Magnetic Energy of the Earth (created and maintained by over 5,000 earthly lightning strikes every minute) can be harnessed as a miraculous healing agent using our PEMF system (our patients achieve profound restoration of connective tissue, range of motion, and elimination of pain)

FACT #8: Stem Cell Proliferation can be simulated by a number of Biohacks which can optimize stem cell injections or minimize the need for any injections at all

If you live in South Florida, I’m inviting you to put these claims to the test, to come in to Infinite Impact for a full Experience (55 minutes – value $295) during which we’ll customize the session to provide you with a “Wow!”  I'll provide additional reveals on all 8 Facts Above when you come in to experience the IMPACT!

You’ll feel it, you’ll know it, you’ll own it!

You’ve never seen or experienced anything like us, that  I can promise you, and we have your best interest in mind 100% of the time!


Be Smart.  Be Strong.  Be Better,

Phil Kaplan

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