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Get a Fat Loss Plan That Works

boost metabolism cut calories diet diets fat burning fat loss fat reduction healthy weight loss lose weight metabolic reboot metabolism slim Dec 04, 2023

 by Phil Kaplan, Infinite Impact 


This is not our first time

making a “Fat Loss Promise.”  Our Metabolic Reboot program, valued at $8,800, delivers exceptional outcomes, but IMPACT14 shortens the journey at a crazy-affordable price.



IMPACT14 is a Metabolic Optimization Program that literally releases stored bodyfat
and incinerates it



This is not an ordinary weight loss program.  It’s proven, it’s simple, and it’s backed by 42 Immutable Principles of Science and results with over 12,000 people!




This is NOT a diet plan requiring deprivation or extreme willpower.  It’s a simple journey of healing, one in which you learn to release your body’s innate metabolic power, a program that restores or delivers the “fat burning” force of an athlete, a spartan, a teenager.

IMPACT14 relies on science and integration, bringing together the forces of nature, the gifts of Biological Reversal (younger-acting cells) and the miracles of Divine Energy.

The program consolidates the key elements of the advanced Metabolic Reboot program delivering fat loss, energy recovery, and metabolic power in only 14 days.




You’ll learn to eat in a manner that speeds metabolism, using a “circadian” approach that results in lipolysis, fatty acid mobilization, detox, and fat oxidation, a perfect alignment with lasting fat loss and a re-establishment of metabolic excellence.

Beyond the “magic” of the program itself, you’ll optimize results using advanced technologies including:

  • Body Contouring Red Light therapy.
  • Cryotherapy / Parasympathetic Recovery
  • Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Cellular Restoration (stem cell production)
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen

Together this masterful combination partnered with an ingenious routine requiring brief exercise sessions (9 – 20 minute each) will deliver where all other programs fail.

IMPACT14, and a series of bonuses, is bargain priced at $850 and we do have an irresistible “First Time Incentive Special.”  You can get started for only $199.




There are only 60 openings.  Use the link above or call 844 IMPACT9 to schedule your visit.

Your first Visit is FREE.  We’ll assess whether this is the best plan for you, consider whether you are best suited for Injectable Metabolic Support, and invite you to experience an “experience” trying Red Light Therapy and one other modality (we’ll talk first and figure out what best meets your needs.


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