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The Air and Light Phenomenon

biohacking hyperbaric hyperbaric oxygen red light red light therapy Nov 03, 2023

by Phil Kaplan


They’ve heard about it. 


 Who are they? 


The word is being spread through The Rumor Mill, The Influencer Universe, and The Social Media Connectors.  They’ve created curiosity, intrigue, and a whole lot of confusion.


About what? 


 About Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and Red Light Therapy (RLT).

Let’s clear things up.   The truth is simple. 

We, human beings born on Planet Earth, have needs.

We can argue as to whether or not sex is a need.  The arguers usually settle on “love” being more important. 

Some will argue that coffee is a need, teens and millennials will stand their ground insisting they need their phones, but I’m not arguing debatable points.  Not now anyway.  I’m stating facts.

We need water.  We need food. 

No argument there (except the one time the Breathatarian sitting in the front row at one of my seminars argued that food is an option).




FACT: We need air.  We need light.


Period.  Done.


Huh?   That’s it?  That’s the big fact?  Four-year-olds know that Phil.

Yes, four-year-olds know it, but their resident, supervisory, and parental adults need to realize, these “air and light biohacks” aren’t magical rituals or trippy experiences for the adventurous.  They’re needs, plain and simple.


So humans NEED HBOT?


No, humans don’t need to lay in a hyperbaric chamber for optimal health . . . unless . . .

. . . they sleep in a “sealed” home where indoor air is filled with the chemicals of cleaning supplies, air fresheners, and new carpet, furniture, and paint chemicals.  No, unless they work in an office space and rarely get into nature.

If we could all spend a few hour walking along the ocean, or visiting a rain forest, or simply breathing clean oxygenated  air, we wouldn’t “need” any “air supplement.”  But  most people can’t, or at least don’t.  And so . . . when you deliver oxygen into every biological cell in a human body, you optimize every aerobic function and system responsible for health.

Before I get into any science to back up what I just shared, let me start by inviting you. 





If you live in or are visiting South Florida, just come in. 

Send me an email ([email protected]) and tell me you want to try the Air and Light Phenomenon. or you can BOOK IT NOW ONLINE.

You’ll come in for 30 minutes and try it.  Feel it.  Understand it.  On me.




Silly questions.  Yes, silly questions prompted  this article.

I’ll talk about “light” momentarily, but for the moment, let’s just stay with the “air” part.

Questions have been pouring in.

Questions about "the Hyperbaric Chamber."

Why did I refer to the questions as silly? 

Because they can’t be answered in a way that delivers any level of satisfaction.  The silly questions always lead to more questions.  The time to ask the question is when you come in to Infinite Impact, when you’ve experienced the “Phenomenon” session.  When you have a real world reference for these amazing therapies, therapies created to deliver what you really need.

I don’t apologize for calling the questions silly.  Here are some very real examples of phone call excerpts from the past 48 hours.



“What is hyperbaric oxygen like?”

“It’s amazing.  It compresses oxygen and life force into every cell in your body.”

“Do you have to be naked?”


“Can you do it if you’re claustrophobic?”

“We’ve had many clients who initially were fearful, but there’s a huge glass window, a phone so you can speak with us at any time, and in most cases, the fear subsides.”

“I’m not claustrophobic, I was just wondering.”

“OK, that’s good. Wanna come try it?”

“Ummm.  I don’t know.  I have to ask my physical therapist.”


Then there are those who’ve read a bit and have acquired a set of “important questions” to ask on the phone, even though they aren’t  learned enough  on the subject to interpret the answers.


“What does the pressure go up to?”

“a bit over 1.5 ATA”

“What does that mean?”

“ATA stands for Atmospheres Absolute”

“Oh, well I need to know how many . . . ummm . . . (pause) . . . kilopascals.”

“Above 150 kilopascals.”


Silence.  They’re reading.

I break the silence. 

“Want to come in and try it?”

They land on a new question.

“Is it hard shell?”   The soft shell ones aren’t good”

“Yes, they’re hard shell.  When you come in you can see it, touch it, feel it.  Wanna come in?”

“I saw a picture of someone at your place using their phone in the chamber.  That’s dangerous.  It can ignite and explode.”

“I can explain why that isn’t the case.  I’d rather do it when you’re here so you can meet out medical staff, talk to other clients, and, if you’d like . . . TRY THE HYPERBARIC CHAMBER.”

“OK, let me think about it.”


Hyperbaric Oxygen was originally a secret of the Navy Seals to prevent brain damage after deep dives.  Years later, the American Medical Association acknowledge its therapeutic use for wound healing.  Today, we see the virtues for athletes, brain-injured, chronically ill, and medically compromised.  I’ve described outcomes we’ve facilitated as “miraculous” and when it comes to miracles, HBOT is a key player.

If you want to read up on the science, you can find more info in an article I posted sharing a few of the specifics of our HBOT chambers.  You’ll find a link to a long list of research studies to explore.


The Science of Hyperbaric Oxygen: What We’ve Learned


Of course, the alternative to investing hours in reading research papers is . . . come in and try it!!!


Enough about Air.   Let’s talk about Light.




 Yes.  A case can be made that humans can survive in pure darkness, but it would be a very sad case.  Let’s not talk about survival.  That’s a very low bar.  Let me re-state my “fact” as:

Human Being Need Sunlight to Thrive

We know the sun is a vital source of vitamin D, but its influence on the human health condition goes much further.

In winter, in parts of the world where that prevents  people from going to the  beach (I live in Florida, but . . . I went to school in Buffalo.  I know winter), there’s a depressive condition that afflicts the population.  It’s named Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Mood, mindset, and outlook change because of an absence of sunlight.

Let’s not make the mistake of confusing “sunlight” with “intense exposure to ultraviolet rays.”  Tanning is  NOT good for you.  Spending hours unprotected in mid-day sun can certainly have some deleterious effects, but let’s consider “the good light,” the “red light,” both visible red light and infrared, light delivered by the sun.


Red Light has immense value,
not only in maintenance of health,
but also in terms of repair.


This isn’t theoretical.  It’s biochemical.  Let me share a few insights from well documented peer-reviewed research.

  • Upon exposure to sunshine, melanocytes and keratinocytes in the skin release α-MSH which helps limit oxidative DNA damage. MSH also increases gene repair and can be not only preventative, but restorative (reported 15 May 2005 in the journal Cancer Research).
  • A number of peptides, vital in modulating immune response, such as CGRP and Neuropeptide Substance P, are stimulated and optimized by exposure to sunlight and can help to mitigate autoimmune reactions responsible for skin, organ, or systemic eruptions. (Photochemistry and Photobiology
  • Sunlight also prompts release of Endorphins. Endorphins are natural opiates with no downside.  Therapeutic exposure to sunlight increases blood levels of select endorphins and helps to express a fully functioning endorphin receptor system (Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology).

OK, I know I just threw out some research notes, and it’s prompting me to write more.

This is where the voice in my head says,

“Phil, that’s enough!  This entire article is simply intended to give people the desire and courage to “give it a try,”

I realize this is starting to become a full length book and I’m going to wrap it up (but not without pointing those who love the research in the right direction).

You can find more about the virtues of Red Light Therapy by reading a few other articles I’ve posted with ample references to research.


Revisiting Red Light

Red Light, Fat Loss, and Health


Now, in closing (finally), if you haven’t yet been in, and you want to experience the Air and Light Phenomenon, a 30-minute complimentary (FREE) Experience where you get to try (and ask questions about) Hyperbaric Oxygen and Red Light Therapy, now’s the time to schedule your appointment!

Call 844 IMPACT9, email [email protected] or CLICK HERE to book your Phenomenon Experience.


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