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3 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss

adrenal calories carbs cut calories diet fat loss inflammation macros parasympathetic thyroid weight loss Aug 14, 2023

by Phil Kaplan

If you've struggled with Weight Loss Resistance . . . 


  1. ADDRESS THE "GUT BIOME" AND THE HORMONAL CASCADE. Obesity, Abdominal Adiposity, and Weight Loss Resistance, in the great majority of cases we’ve seen, are Reversible Chronic Metabolic Diseases usually with the cause lying in the interaction between the Adrenals, Pituitary, and Thyroid Gland.  It is fixable with a multi-faceted approach  incorporating neural shifts, reversal of dysbiosis (imbalance in the microbiome), and an integration of strategic exercise and active recovery.  A focus on exercise, eating, or the scale without addressing the biotic environment within the digestive tract will fall short, as will any approach that neglects to restore hormonal balance beginning with the downward cascade of Adrenal hormones.


  1. DON'T JUST "CUT."  While there is an unfolding body of evidence linking caloric restriction with longevity, in cases of metabolic compromise, low calorie diets, elimination of specific macronutrients, or trendy nutritional approaches have never, throughout time, proven to be a lasting solution.  Never.  Consider that the word metabolism refers to the speed with which your body converts nutrients to fuel and tissue.  The key lies, not in elimination, but in retraining the body, systems, and cells, to receive an ideal "dosing" of macronutrients and micronutrients to generate molecular "heat" and stimulate metabolism.  For those who "used to have a fast metabolism," it comes down to restoration and that requires an adequate supply of metabolic meals.  When we consider the thermic effect of food, and the quality of nutrients we ingest, we can gradually and consistently optimize "the speed with which your body burns through food," the willingness of your body to synthesize protein and repair cells, and the volume of energy you can summon at any given moment.  The  Metabolic Reboot incorporates a system of nutrition that address metabolic optimization, fat mobilization, and then cleansing of the gut and cell.


  1. REVERSE INFLAMMATION AND RESTORE PARASYMPATHETIC RECOVERY.  The same inflammatory process that drives weight loss resistance involves shifts in pancreatic hormones (insulin and glucagon), alterations in thyroid output (up to and including increases of RT3 which “switches off” the metabolic energy cycle) which is why type  2 diabetes, fat increase, and hypothyroid conditions are so closely linked.  They evolve through the same process and can be reversed through the same strategy.  The primary reasons we've seen stellar outcomes with both weight and  chronic disease rest upon our focus on reducing inflammation (restoring immune intelligence) and incorporating exercise and biohacking  strategies to "calm" the adrenals and restore homeostasis.  The adrenals are linked to the Sympathetic Nervous System.  Recovery is linked to the Parasympathetic  System.  When we create a harmonious balance between the two, we achieve a state of balance, homeostasis, and in that state we heal.

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