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Will Stem Cells "Fix" It? Yes.

arthritis hyperbaric oxygen injury joint pain knee pain platelet rich plasma prp stem cell Oct 15, 2023

by  Phil Kaplan

When humans hear of a vehicle for youth, power, health, or longevity, interest soars, rumors fly, and truth is often lost in the shuffle. 

When I hear people talking about their “healing journeys” in and around the field of medicine, I can’t help but chuckle.  The inconsistencies, mistruths, and mythical claims make for a mix of intrigue and utter confusion.

Stem cells are often the topic of these discussions . . . and while the social intrigue of this “regenerative science” is relatively new, the “chatter” and theories are quite familiar.



I remember 35 years ago hearing athletes in the gym locker rooms talking about anabolic steroids.  It went from being a best kept secret where denial was the shared activity, to becoming a mesmerizing topic of disagreement, opinion, and at times, imposed recklessness.  There were those athletes who understood what they were taking, tested and dosed appropriately, and systematically enhanced their performance with little serious downside.  Then there were the others.

Over the past 20 years, the “science” moved out of the locker room and into an ever-growing field of “clinics” where “anabolic steroids” became reclassified as HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and GH (Growth Hormone, once banned in sports and illegal to possess without a prescription) was suddenly a commonly available medical injectable promising enhanced and restored elements of youth.  And still, the conversations ran the gamut, from the careful to the reckless.



Today, I hear arguments among the uneducated and self-assessed gurus about stem cells, and while the scope is far broader, there’s a reminiscence of that “locker room talk” that throws misinformation around like wildfire.

“Stem Cells don’t work!”

“They work but they’re too expensive.”

“They get them from dead babies.”

“You have to use your own stem cells and unless you banked them when you were 20 they’re worthless.”

Those are just a few of the slings I’ve picked up on, so being that we, at Infinite Impact, regularly witness what people refer to as miracles in healing and recovery, I think it’s best to shed some light and shower you with truth.

Let’s start by defining stem cells. 

If we’re looking for a simple definition, let’s go to the old reliable, Webster.


Stem cell (noun): an unspecialized cell that gives rise to differentiated cells.


That’s a really good start. 

Stem cells can produce more stem cells, can proliferate, and can become whatever cells the body is in need of at any given time.  They’re sort of the raw material for everything structurally human.  Not only does that make them pretty darn important, but it suggests that if we had the ability to harness their power and direct their energy we can literally recreate ourselves.

Well . . . we do . . . and we can!

My preliminary understanding of the power and importance of stem cells came from hearing Bruce Lipton, the author of The Biology of Belief, describe his “3 Petri Dish Experiment.” 

In short, Dr. Lipton, a cell biologist practiced in observing stem cell proliferation in the laboratory, started with a single stem cell in a single medium in a single Petri dish.  Within 10 hours there were two identical stem cells.  10 hours later, four.  And within a week he had 50,000 identical cells in a Petri dish.  Here’s where the miracle revealed itself.

Dr. Lipton divided the cells into three separate Petri dishes with slightly altered mediums (environments), one with a medium supportive of bone cells, the second aligned with the support of muscle cells, the third fat cells.  Although all of the stem cells were “birthed” from the same “parent,” all identical in their “embryonic” state, they “became” the cellular structures supported by the individual environment.  Those in the bone cell dish became bone, those in the muscle dish became cellular constituents of muscle, and the fat cell dish generated conversion of the stem cells into . . . you guessed it . . . fat cells!

Here’s the miracle as we know it today. 

Stem cells have both the ability to replicate and to differentiate.  They can create more “raw material” to build tissue, and their source need not have any specialization beyond a willingness to develop and grow.

In expanding my ability to bring healing to the nation and the world, I’ve partnered with Dr. Kristin Comella, a revered stem cell biologist with extensive study in applying the most sound and proven technologies to human healing, so before you start believing the words of “guys in the locker room,” your friend's cousin who went to Panama, or the old school physician who calls it quackery, you owe it to yourself to understand some simple realities.

Let’s start with this one.


Yes, you are the creator of your own cells!

Benefiting from stem cell proliferation need not require a needle.  Changes in diet, a different exercise commitment, and shifts in environment can all improve your body’s willingness to “heal” by increasing stem cell activity.

Then there are the “hacks.” 


In order to bring about positive physical change, we integrate exercise, nutrition, mindset, and “biohacking.”  Biohacking, as we use the term, is the application of shortcuts or technological strategies to provide the gifts of nature with an aim on health.  We live on a planet where we are surrounded by a magnetic field, a field that serves as the “voltage” for our  cellular lifeforce.  1000 years ago, lightning strikes were the primary provider of “voltage,” but in our  21st century existence, we are subjected not only to natural energetic provision, but also microwaves, radio waves, WiFi, 3G, 4G, 5G, and whatever comes next.  The uber-high frequencies can be damaging to health so we use a “Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field” mechanism to “restore” and “repair.”

Here's why this become relevant to our stem cell discussion.  PEMF stimulation at therapeutic frequencies stimulate stem cell regeneration and a shocking number of cases the outcomes have been profound, often called miraculous.

Before we jump into using your own or tissue bank stem cells, we’ll try a number of lesser approaches often eliminating any need for more complex or costly therapies.


In cases of connective tissue injuries, wounds, ligament tears, and arthritis related pain, using your body’s own “platelets” has been demonstrated to often bring profound outcomes.  Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is drawn from your own blood (a simple blood draw), the sample is spun in a centrifuge to separate out the protein with concentrated growth factors, and the PRP solution is injected directly into the injured or affected area.

Here's an important factor few practitioners share.  In order to deliver an optimal outcome, PRP has to be used in a stem cell rich environment.  We combine PRP injections with highly valuable strategies such as hyperbaric oxygen treatments to create that ideal healing environment.


Relative to many out-patient procedures to treat pain and injury, the product and procedural costs are on the higher end, but as I’ve outlined, there are a great many affordable options and “next steps” we can take to use “stem cell technology” without jumping right to a large investment.  If and when we make it to the stem cell options, there are a great many variables that can impact both cost and outcome.

At Infinite Impact our intention is to meet the patient where the patient is, to understand the uniqueness of the situation, and to use the least costly and least aggressive procedures to activate the most miraculous healing potential of the human body.  That's what we do . . . and we do it well.

If you have pain, a sports injury, chronic  discomfort from joint overuse, arthritis, or any other bothersome wound or physical aggravation, come on in.  Our patients come from all over the country.  If you live in South Florida, set up an Experience where you can try some of the Biohacks and better understand your options.  If you’d be traveling from outside of South Florida set up a distance consult (via phone or Zoom) with Dr. Comella or a member of our Medical Team.

And if there’s anything else you feel you’d like to make “better,” reach out to me and I promise I’ll point you in the right direction.  Email me directly, [email protected]


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