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Stem Cells – Zeroing in on The Miracle of Healing

autologous back pain cord blood knee pain miniscus prp regenerative medicine rotator cuff shoulder pain stem cell stemcell Jul 23, 2023

by Dr. Kristin Comella

“Stem Cells” has almost become a buzz-phrase. 

People seek out cosmetic stem cell procedures, stem cell topicals, vampire facials, and stem cell “formulas” in hopes of restoring youth, eradicating viruses, or "fixing" years of wear and tear. 

The buzz is rife with misinformation, over-hype, and misapplied science.

I know.  I’m the scientist!  And I and my team (now in a new futuristic setting in Boca Raton) regularly witness miracles. 

Just be careful.  Remember, the marketplace is riddled with flawed assumptions and in some cases, flat out lies.  I conduct pre-consideration consultations with any potential stem cell patient to ensure the facts are clear, the outcomes promising, and the patient is informed and ready for a thrilling result.

Here's the question that gets thrown around, one that I've learned to answer.


Do stem cells “work?”



And they work magnificently when four vital pieces are in place (four pieces we masterfully integrate at Infinite Impact).

  1. Positive Mindset – the scientific community is now well versed in The Biology of Belief. Begin with a respect for the innate power the human body and  trust that your own brain and life-force are going to immediately move toward a full embrace of the procedure.
  2. The Right Internal Environment – priming the endocrine system, gut biome, and cellular energy centers (mitochondria) can make a dramatic difference in the speed and magnitude of the stem-cell induced healing process.
  3. Appropriate dosing and mechanism of action – the source of the cells and the volume and viability of living cells is perhaps the most important factor in healing potential. We have a full medical staff to ensure “the best application” for each individual need.
  4. Your body’s willingness to incorporate the cells and facilitate healing.
    At Infinite Impact, we give your body every advantage, incorporating Hyperbaric Oxygen, cellular regenesis through a multitude of strategies, and a focus on maintaining homeostasis, the physiological state in which your body is most prepared to “do its own work.”  With new stem cells injected, we’ll coax every bodily system to optimize your own regenerative power.

The applications are far reaching.  If you have chronic back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, if you’ve had an injury that you’ve been slow to recover from, or if you’re experiencing neurological or neurodegenerative concerns, the first step is a free 15 minute consultation with me.



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