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Our Ability to Help People Restore Metabolism, Heal, and Return to Excellence is Difficult to Describe

That's why we invite you to try an Experience

The best bet is for you to schedule a "3 for $79" Experience.  That allows our Medical Fitness Coordinator to set with you and determine what options will best deliver in line with your needs.  Put aside apprehension, concern, and doubt.  The Experience is almost always the first step to dramatic and profound life-changes.  

Step #1 - Set an Appointment

One of our Medical Fitness Coordinators will block out the hour to ensure that your experience is customized and thrilling.  We have morning, afternoon, and select evening and weekend appointments.  Expect to spend between 45 minutes and an hour. 

Step #2 – Come on in

You’ll sit in a comfortable office for about 10 minutes sharing your story, your desire, your challenges, and your experience with our Medical Fitness Coordinator and based on the conversation, together you’ll determine what the “Experience” will include.  For $79 we’ll treat you to three unique therapies, all aligned with your wants and needs.

Step #3 – The Experience

You’ll be introduced to one of our specialized Health Optimization and Performance Coaches who will set you up to enjoy a red light therapy session (one of various options depending on whether weight loss is a goal), and a choice of either Cryotherapy, PEMF pain alleviation, or a sampling of a Hyperbaric Oxygen session (there are other options as well).  You’ll be professionally guided through each step and ensuring you “feel” and enjoy the benefit is our commitment to you.

Every Experience is Customized and Unique

Tailored to your needs.

The "Treatments" are Synergistic and the Outcomes are Amazing


Therapeutic Cold Therapy
Duration: 3 minutes

Reverses Inflammation, Boosts Immune System, Improves Circulation, Optimizes Recovery From Stress, Enhances Mood, Contributes to Mental Clarity

Pulse (PEMF)

Precise  Frequencies Stimulate a Natural Release of Stem Cells, Regenerate Connective Tissue, Alleviate Nerve Pain, Restore Cellular Integrity and Charge, Recover From Exercise Stress, Reduce Musculoskeletal Compromise and Soreness

Fitness Power Circuit

For those who want to include a Fitness Component within the experience, our Health Optimization and Performance Coaches can add in  a shockingly effective "9-minute Routine, a fun "Power Circuit," or a high-level training session on the A.I. driven OxeFit

Acoustic Soundwave

Stimulate the body's natural Growth Factors and Soft Tissue Repair.  Remove vascular interference.  Profound effects for various challenges including TMJ and lack of adequate localized blood flow.

A single Shockwave Treatment is typically $250 but in select cases, where an individual has spasm, muscular pain, soft tissue compromise, or other acute pain, we may include a sample treatment within the Experience itself.  This will be determined in consult with your Medical Fitness Coordinator.

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The most advanced exercise experience on the planet.

Step #4 – Your Choice

If, after tapping into the magic and empowering energy of Infinite Impact, the force that has brought people from around the nation to visit our Premier showcase in Boca, you decide you want to learn more about how we can form an ongoing relationship, we’ll review the program we feel will best deliver the outcome you seek.  There’s no obligation at all and our programs are all science based and proven effective thousands of times over.

Choose From

  • Body Contour System
  • Full Spectrum Red Light  Bed
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen
  • Cryotherapy
  • PEMF Pure Wave
  • PEMF Pulse Chair
  • Acoustic Soundwave
  • Power Circuit
  • OxeFit Training Session
  • Mini Fit-Assessment
  • 9-Minute Reboot Routine
  • Vibration Plate
  • QRS Purewave Frequency
  • More

Our Regenerative Procedures Can Also Speed Recovery and Return to Function After Joint Replacements and Surgical Interventions.  

A Consultation will allow you to share your experience and gain a full awareness of the options that can best serve you.

Schedule Your Experience

Meet with our Medical Fitness Coordinator to Explore the Best Options for Discovering Physical Excellence