by Phil Kaplan


At Infinite Impact we incorporate Red Light Therapy into many of our protocols as the benefits are so far reaching.  The term, "Red Light" is a broad generality including a spectrum of light frequencies, and each range of photon concentration activates a different biological action.

With our  "Industry First Breakthrough," the Double Red Light Experience, we exponentially multiply the benefit. 

Here's just a piece of what you'll experience as you combine the benefits of two of the highest quality red light systems in the world.

You begin with 15 minutes of Body Contouring Red Light, where the photon-bands warmly touch the skin of the areas where reudction is most sought-after.  A uniquely designed directional no-touch headpiece directs near-and-far red light frequencies at the skin of your face and neck while activating the pineal gland (referred to in some practices as the third eye).  For most people this creates an extremely relaxed state, often accompanied by vivid imaginations of beaty and tranquility.

Afterwards you're gently ushered to the Full Spectrum Infra Red bed activating cellular optimization, collagen healing,  and detoxification. 

The entire experience results in a health-inducing feel-good session with no downside, no residual discomfort, and zero side effects.  It truly is amazing.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from the  DOUBLE RED LIGHT EXPERIENCE:


Adiponectin Increase (fat mobilization) - in extensive peer-reviewed research, Red Light has demonstrated elevations in circulating levels of the hormonal messenger Adiponectin, a key player in the release and incineration of body fat.  When integrated with our 7-Day Reboot, 9-Minute Workout, and/or our non-restrictive Circadian Nutrition plans, Red Light Therapy has demonstrated an integrative ability to boost metaboolism and liberate and burn stored fat.


Tightening of Collagen Bonds - the tightening of collagen bonds is associated with a reduction in wrinkles and sun damage promoting more youthful skin.  Skin eruptions are often minimized and discolorations from inflammatory conditions reduced.  While, as a Regenerative Medical Center, our focus  is more  on health and restoration than cosmetics, our clients and patients regularly note significant improvements to skin tone and texture.


Detox of Systems and Cells - Red light frequencies activate lymphatic activity to better release cellular waste and toxic build up in the vessels, blood, and interstitial space between cells.  It helps to rid the body of toxins through the pores without need for extreme heat.  By prompting  reactivation of a sluggish Lymphatic System it has demonstrated a profound effect upon alertness, energy, and restoration of metabolic power.  


Natural Dopamine Elevation - the largest body of research evidence related to red light therapy  (photobiomodulation) relates to allevation of depression and mood disorders.  Consistently, infra-red light has demonstrated elevations in the "feel-good" neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine.  In addition to elevation in a sense of well-being, the effects roll over into better sleep, greater ability to relax, and reductions in subjective stress scores.


Alleviatioon of Neural Pain  Signals and Stimulation of Regenesis - A plathora of studies in the ever-growing collections and archives of the National Library of Medicine evidence the ability to Full Spectrum Red Light Therapy  to increase tissue regeneration, reduce pain, and facilitate or speed connective tissue healing wihtout any known side-effects.


Reduction in Cellular Inflammation - The data related to PhotoBioModulation (red light and infra-red therapy) in treatment of chronic disease is so extensive it merits its own series of articles (I'll get there), but for the sake of brevity I'll simply share two more bits of info.

1. Inflammation is the root cause of all chronic disease, thus, at Infinite Impact a large focus is placed upon anti-inflammatory treatments and we maintain an unmatched track record in reversal of chronic disease.

2. Rather than going further into depth, I'll conclude with an excerpt from a 2016 Research article in the Journal Neurophotonics.¬† "The remarkable range of medical benefits provided by PBM, has led some to suggest that it may be ‚Äútoo good to be true‚ÄĚ. However one of the most general benefits of PBM that has recently emerged, is its pronounced anti-inflammatory effects."

Note: Using full-spectrum red light as an adjunct therapy we've seen complete reversal of Type 2 Diabetes, Hypothyroid Conditions, Metabolic Syndrome, and witnessed dramatic improvement in a number of cases of advanced neurodegenerative disease.