The Words That Ensure Health and Weight Loss Failure a1c diabetes diet low carb metabolism prediabetes red light therapy thyroid weight loss weight loss resistance

Resolving the "But Problem"

by Phil Kaplan


There are pivotal moments before somebody’s future unfolds. 

In those precious moments, there’s the possibility of going down a path of health, vitality, and physical excellence, and then . . . there’s the other path. ...

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Red Light, Fat Loss, and Health. Legit or Scam? body contouring infrared red light red light therapy

Want to boost brain, energy, metabolism, and mood? 

OK, then get up early. 

Not just a little early.  I mean wake up when it’s still dark out, in the moments just before sunrise. 

Then stand outside naked and wait.

You’re slowly bathed in red-hued radiance,...

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Breathe, Pee, and Sweat Out Your Fat! diet fat loss metabolism weight loss weight loss resistance

Here, at Infinite Impact in  Boca Raton, Florida, people are going through the Metabolic Reboot Program and losing fat.

All told, we’re talking about hundreds of pounds of fat leaving bodies every 21 days.

Inquiring minds and skeptics alike may ponder an enigmatic concern.


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