Bio-Technology & Biohacking


Three minutes in the cryo chamber, where you're immersed in cold air has a profound effect upon metabolism, circulation, pain relief, recovery, and healing.


The Pulse Chair (and our Pulse bed) surround you in a field of therapeutic magnetic energy to restore the voltage and power of literally every cell.  Research (and our experience) demonstrates significant impact in regenerating nerve tissue, connective tissue, and systemic efficiency.  Within the first 30 seconds you'll "feel" it and recognize its incredible ability to "activate" the areas that might be experiencing compromise. 

Acoustic Soundwave Therapy

"Soundwave" energy penetrates the skin and causes therapeutic microdamage to soft tissue signaling regeneration, growth factor, immune warriors, and stem cells to "go to work" healing and restoring integrity to injured tissue.

Red Light Therapy Options

Contour Light

Body Contouring uses "pliable panels" embedded with near and far red light emanations to wrap your body in healing light.  It reduces inches in a single session, improves skin tone, and stimulates metabolic power

Red Light Bed

Similar in appearances to a standard tanning bed, this bed surrounds you in a literal tunnel of full spectrum red light.

Red Light Panels

These compact desktop-sized red light panels cover the entire red light spectrum whether you focus it on your face for collagen repair or allow it to act on any area of fatigue or stress.  The panels are available to take home at an affordable price.

Read About Red Light's Benefits

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Everything we do in an aerobic state (which is virtually everything we do) requires oxygen at a cellular and systemic level.  Our HBOT Chambers (Hyper Baric Oxygen Therapy Chambers) create a high oxygen environment delivering compressed oxygen to every system and  cell.  While it's used for wound healing, brain recovery, and detox, its profound performance and recovery effects for an athletic  population have made HBOT a popular and incredibly valuable therapy. Our units were selected based upon the  latest science connecting mass benefit and safety.  You can nap, read, or chill as your  body heals, recovers, and improves.