$79.00 USD

The Experience - 3 for 79

Experience 3 mind-blowing therapies at Infinite Impact for only $79!  This is an extreme value (90% off regular treatment pricing) and is for first-time visitors only. 

You can choose from:

  • Cryotherapy

  • Full Spectrum Red Light Bed

  • Contour Light Body Contouring System

  • PEMF Chair

  • Electromagnetic Full Body Treatment (mat)

  • QRS Purewave Low Frequency Stimulation

  • Acoustic Soundwave Pain Relief

  • Power Circuit (with a Health Optimization and Performance Coach)

  • A High Level Exercise Session on the Oxefit

  • A Metabolic Reboot 9-minute guided session

Expect to spend up to 75 minutes.  Come with an open mind.  When you arrive your Medical Fitness Coordinator will help customize the Experience by choosing the most appropriate 3 modalities.  You're going to "feel better."  That's a promise!